•   almost 6 years ago

Zeppelin_os vs OpenZeppelin

In the judging criteria, you mentioned these two products offered by Zeppelin. After visiting both links, I noticed that both products can be used to create smart contracts but I would like to know which one will you recommend?


  • Manager   •   almost 6 years ago

    Hi Lyle!
    As you said, both can be used. The best option will depend a lot in what you're trying to do in your project. If you're just starting to develop in Solidity, I'd recommend to try out OpenZeppelin.

  •   •   almost 6 years ago

    Is the ethernaut game the only available example?

  • Manager   •   almost 6 years ago

    The Ethernaut game is a wargame design to help people learn and practice security concepts, which is not related to the Smackathon.

    If you want to see different projects using OpenZeppelin (again, not related to the Smackathon) you can take a look at the OpenZeppelin site:

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