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More details on using zeppelin_os specifically in a contest entry?

Regarding this note in the contest overview:

"Even better if they are built on top of zeppelin_os, leveraging the upgradeability features we are rolling out."

I know how to use/import smart contracts from the Open Zeppelin node.js package, which I have installed. But when I asked some questions on the Open Zeppelin Slack about "zeppelin_os" specifically I couldn't get a firm idea of what "zeppelin_os" really is and how to use it. The impression I got was that zeppelin_os isn't really finalized yet (i.e. - it's still early) and currently is not readily available for integration. My apologies if I misinterpreted anything here.

Can you give some more details on exactly what it means to "use" zeppelin_os in a contest entry?


  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hi Robert,
    You are correct, ZeppelinOS hasn't been released yet but I'd recommend you to subscribe to our product updates in zeppelinos.org, some updates are coming soon.

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    @gonzalov86 - Thank you for that clarification. Please see the other message I just posted about the submission requirements.

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