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over 5 years ago


We had submissions from all over the world.

The following (not listed in any particular order) along with the countries they are coming from are the top 10 finalists: (pretty exciting line up!)

  1. Omnisone: Direct artist to listener streaming without the middleman (3 member team from Indianapolis, Cedar Rapids and San Jose)
  2. MusiXourse: An app to grow your fan base, monetize your talent and push the limits of the music industry (2 member team from Costa Rica and Colombia)
  3. Stubber: Digitally traceable ticket sales on the blockchain. (1 person team from Australia)
  4. CoinsHatEnabling fans to use CryptoCurrency to support Musicians (1 person team from San Francisco)
  5. Sonify(Working Title): Decentralized Music Streaming Service (3 person team from Miami)
  6. EtherBandBattles!: Ethereum based game where contestants watch band videos with real-time chat and synchronized music video playback. (1 person team from Florida – city unknown)
  7. HyperValence: A crowdfunding platform that allows fans to support emerging artists by buying digital collectibles (Proof-of-Fandom) (3 person team from Singapore)
  8. Artíste - Crowdfunding Musical Talent: Patreon + Kickstarter for creatives on the blockchain...except much better! (2 person team, California and New Jersey)
  9. etherwave: An app to book concert tickets via ethereum and also allow users to trade their tickets among themselves (2 person team from India and Toronto, Canada)
  10. VOXXO: Combines Music Player, Concert Investments, Music Licensing and aims to be a cryptocurrency (3 person team from Turkey and Los Angeles, CA)

** The final pitch event is confirmed for the evening of Monday, July 23rd   in Miami, FL (undisclosed location). Judges confirmed include:

  1. Armando Christian Perez “Pitbull” – World renowned Artist/Entertainer/Entrepreneur
  2. Manny Medina Jr., Artist/entertainer/Bassist of Kip Moore band
  3. Demian Brener, Founder & CEO Zeppelin
  4. Jack Selby, Managing Director, Thiel Capital

All finalists have been provided complimentary flights through American Airlines for the Miami event.

The prize for the winning team is $6K cash plus the following prizes provided by Woz U (Wozniak University):

  • One full ride scholarship ($13K value) to one team member
  • $5K  scholarships to each of the other team members
  • 6 tickets to DesTech in Arizona, which includes a meet & greet with Steve Wozniak at DesTech